Four Web Developer Mistakes to Avoid

Finding a web developer to help you with your next project is not only costly, it’s tricky too. Moreover, other than the fact that working with codes is difficult, mistakes can happen here and there as well. However, no matter how impossible it may seem, errors and any other mishaps can still be avoided, especially when you have the right web developer working by your side. As long as you choose a good coder to help you out, your project will feel simple and easy to deal with. So, to help you in making the right decision when it comes to choosing the right partner to help you with your website, look through the list of common web developer mistakes below and learn which areas you need to pay extra attention to.


Browser Bias

One way or another, everyone has their favorite browser, even web developers. Regardless of this personal preference, when it is time for a developer to work on a project, their own personal picks should be put aside. This is because when it comes to developing a website, the final outcome should not favor only a single browser. A website’s compatibility and responsiveness should be made available in all active browsers accessed through desktops, laptops, and even mobile. If a developer casts his work to be biased towards his own choice, then those who will try to access it from a different one will find the lapses troublesome and not user-friendly. Thus, when it comes to being a developer, keeping in mind that not everyone has the same preference as you is important to ensure that testing your output’s ability to function through other browsers is done to favor not only one’s but everyone else’s bias.


Untidy Code

When it comes to coding, there’s one more thing that you should keep an eye on, it’s the tidiness of the developer’s codes. Regardless of whether the website is working or not, if the codes are messy, then it is an unacceptable output. Only clean codes are accepted in web development, because other than they are easier for all members of the team to understand and deal with, they can deliver efficiently and provide a better experience for users as well. With clean and tidy codes, a swifter loading process and a more enjoyable experience are also guaranteed. Having a clean coding practice is also an excellent way of keeping an eye out on any possible errors that may occur and a great chance to be more prompt in resolving them.


Code Ownership

Getting the work done is important, but so is the manner in which you accomplish it. Web development entails a lot of codes that tend to be really complicated at times. However, no matter how tricky and difficult it may be, never copy off existing codes to try to make things easier for you. Borrowing snatches from existing codes could lead you to deal with infringement issues sooner or later. Instead of trying to go the easy way out of a tough project, be extra wise and avoid using propriety codes and previously developed ones. After all, a professional and trustworthy developer wouldn’t give themself or their clients a problem when it comes to the creation of their website.



There are a number of reasons as to why deadlines are often missed when it comes to software and web development projects. Among these, the lack of communication or collaboration between the parties involved is considered a highly contributing factor. To ensure that estimates are not overly optimistic and that workflow is properly managed and followed, a project manager is helpful. In addition, a good developer respects deadlines and will proactively work alongside a project manager to be able to meet the deadline.


These common mistakes may appear simple, but that doesn’t mean that it is a valid excuse for developers to make. Often overlooking these seemingly simple mistakes could lead to, one way or another, an even bigger problem. To ensure that no small problem escalates to an even bigger problem, learn to root them all out from the start. In fact, a developer who strives to perfect his work by ensuring that none of these lapses occur makes one a highly desirable partner when it comes to becoming an outsourced web developer.


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