Avoid These Web Developer Mistakes by Outsourcing to the Right One

Web development means working with codes and therefore needs accuracy and follows a high standard. Hiring a web developer can cost a lot, so you want to make sure that you’re going to be working with an excellent web developer.


Mistakes are inevitable, but they can and must be avoided as much as possible. Working with the right developer who cares will result in very minimal mistakes that can be quickly resolved.


Watch out for these common web developer mistakes. They may seem trivial at first, but can cause some serious issues in the long run when left unattended.



Web designers and developers alike may have their preferences, including web browsers. However, ensure that browser biases do not affect the web development process. Having a bias can lead the developer to disregard your website’s compatibility and responsiveness to other browsers. A professional developer will check and consider how a website behaves with different browsers and OS.


Code Bloat

Nothing is worse than working in a mess, including working with bloated code. Code bloat produces a slow website that uses unnecessary resources. Make your codes clean, with all members of the development team understanding the ENTIRE code, not just the small parts they work on.


Code Ownership

Don’t copy previously developed code from anywhere. This will eliminate possibilities of running into any problems. In an event the copied code belongs to a third party source, you may have to deal with infringement issues! Don’t be the development team that gets caught copying and recycling codes from other sources.



Never miss a deadline that was already agreed on by both parties. It’s easy to lose yourself in the project and to miss deadlines with or without meaning to. Do not be overly optimistic and approach projects realistically. A person who can help with keeping the team in check and in schedule is a project manager.


As much as knowing about the common web developer mistakes, it is also best to pick out the right persons for your team to ultimately avoid any mistakes. How do you know if you’re choosing the best web developer? Luckily, trusted creative agencies like MicroCreatives are here to help provide the best web development services available. Contact us today and we’ll provide you a project brief and a web development portfolio upon request. Our web development team, along with our copywriters and designers are reliable, professional, and works with a streamlined process that includes project management and quality assurance.


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