Facts Every UX Designer Should Know

“What makes a good UX designer?” is a question familiar among circles and forums. There is, of course, no all-encompassing answer, but it is undeniable that optimal user experience should be of high priority, if not most important. When this key element is executed effectively, it would help tremendously in boosting engagement. The UX design is a good reflection of how businesses regard customers – by valuing their time and exerting every effort to satisfy them right on the get-go: provide what they want and need. If you have a bad UX design, most likely, users will not come visit again.


DesignMantic created an infographic that contains some valuable facts that every UX designer should know when designing websites.

It’s also not enough to just be aware of these facts; they should also be remembered and put into good use. Great UX design along with exceptional UI design and compelling content make for an engaging website. Contact MicroCreatives today to gain more insight about web design and website optimization and how they can benefit your website and business.