The Ins and Outs of Designing an Infographic

It is a well-known fact that humans are visual individuals who gravitate towards information presented in a visually appealing manner. Thus, it is no longer surprising that infographics, the visual presentation of evidence, is considered as the ideal solution to turning massive information into easy-to-read visuals. In fact, studies have proven that people’s willingness to read information jumps to 80% when it is in the form of an infographic. So, with all the studies singling out infographics as an effective way of disseminating information, relying on this visual tool is no longer unexpected. However, although it seems easy to create one, it is a rigorous task that entails one’s patience and dedication. But with a few ideas on the ins and outs of designing an infographic, coming up with quality output is definitely within reach in just a matter of time.


What is the purpose?

So where do you start? Of course, before you make an infographic, you need to identify what it’s going to be about and for what reason you plan on creating one. Make sure that you establish the very purpose of your infographic even before you start making one. And while you find a topic to tackle in your visual output, take into account the availability of data that you will be needing in order to accomplish its very content as well.


Do you have the data?

Next to searching for your infographic’s purpose, you will need to find reliable sources that will back up your point and make the output serve its very goal. Since this is going to be the backbone of your infographic, do not rush the process. Take your time in acquiring all the necessary information that you will be needing. Make sure that all data that you secure is accurate and correct to avoid misleading your viewers and providing them with faulty information. Sources should include reliable references, such as public records, those verified by scholars, or information that you yourself were able to acquire through research approaches that are not limited to interviews.


What’s the story?

After collecting all the necessary data to support your purpose, sort it all out to fit the narrative that you wish to show in your infographic. Either use the information that you have to present the facts from another point of view or to strengthen the idea that is already well known by the public and make it appealing to the eyes of the public through a simple visual representation.


How are you presenting it?

After identifying the purpose and sorting out what you wish to say using reliable data, you must now think of creative ways of presenting it. Whichever design that you come up with should fit both the infographic and the story. Although this part of the process could get tricky, relying on the use of symbolism and illustration are good ideas that you should use sparingly to keep it simple yet sophisticated. With some illustrations and metaphors, designers can also have more freedom as long as the infographic sticks to its very purpose without sacrificing the information that it is presenting. Also keep in mind that the facts that you have gathered should be presented using well-utilized colors, shapes, and symbols. Use legends to make it easier for readers to understand. Your final output should not only be visually appealing, it should present all the necessary information in a sleek and simple manner.


Publishing the infographic

Publishing your final output then is the next step after you finish designing it. Although this may seem to be the last step of the process, it does not stop there. There are cases where updates on the information happen, thus revisions on the infographic initially uploaded are done. After all, relaying accurate and updated information is what an infographic ought to do.


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