Why Should You Outsource Creative Marketing?

Realistically speaking, many, if not most, small- and medium-sized businesses only have a small in-house staff to handle back office jobs. If they don’t have marketing departments, all the marketing efforts are handled by the executive team or the owner/s. But is this kind of setup ideal? Why not outsource some of the marketing tasks, particularly the creative aspects?


Businesses have various concerns why they don’t hire a creative outsourcing partner to cover some marketing aspects; one is not enough budget and another is that they don’t want a third party to have control over their brand. Understandable, but not ideal, especially if your business goals include definite success and growth.


Don’t dismiss outsourcing as your last resort. Let go of your fears and reservations about outsourcing creative marketing tasks. We’ll tell you why:



It’s hard to think of marketing as a simple term since it immensely affects and covers tons of processes and fields, including market analysis, market research, the creative aspects, and communications, among others. There was a time when marketing wasn’t as encompassing; but due to its diversity now, the number of things you have to go through while gathering data and communicating with clients have now grown at a rapid rate.


Marketing channels and techniques are evolving and multiplying rapidly. Instead of spending so much money on training and new resources, and instead of investing so much time on learning to keep up with the marketing trends and technology, it’s smarter to outsource some areas of marketing to agencies that have the right experience and skill set.


For creative marketing, the activities you can outsource include copywriting, graphic design, web development, and multimedia and animation. If you’re worried about your brand and identity being not fully represented, most creative agencies provide creative briefs or project briefs for you to fill out with your requirements and all necessary information and content you want to provide. Communication lines also usually include Skype and email so that you and your potential outsourcing partner can talk about your project, the scope, limitations, and expectations.


What’s great about creative outsourcing companies is that they are composed of creative professionals who have the skills and experience to know and give what your business needs. They go through a streamlined process to learn more about your business, project, or campaign to effectively visualize and deliver your message. Furthermore, turning to the experts means you can get proper advice rather than figure things out on your own.


Achieving Goals

There could have been times when you want to move forward at full speed but you’re stuck in low gear moving slowly. This could mean your marketing engine hasn’t been developed enough to have the power you need. When outsourcing your marketing, it doesn’t exactly mean you let others do everything for you. You work together with your outsourcing partner to achieve your marketing and business goals more quickly. Even if you have your own marketing department to do the job, perhaps you still need extra help to move forward.


In the case of marketing, the usual tasks that get outsourced are the creative tasks. Treat your creative outsourcing partner as an extension of your team. You give them ideas, goals, and expectations and in return, they help you accomplish these goals by creating the adequate amount of marketing materials and other creative content online and offline that are disseminated at the right time and to a wide range of audience.


When done right, outsourcing creative marketing can help with filling in the gaps and makes sure you and your business grow steady but fast. Moreover, outsourcing can lighten your workload which allows you to focus more on the core strengths of your business to ensure faster growth.


Organized Project Management

Outsourcing marketing to a creative agency for creative implementation ensures that your project is properly managed and tracked. Project management may seem easy as long as timelines and expectations are followed. But as your business grows, your marketing and promotional efforts are also doubled. Getting a creative outsourcing partner not only takes away the hassle of meeting deadlines and keeping everything in order, you also get access to the latest tools, resources, and experienced manpower, as well as the tools needed to effectively track, document, and manage projects, files, communication, and collaboration. This way, you will avoid unnecessary expenses caused by delays and other factors.


If you’re looking for a reliable creative outsourcing partner, MicroCreatives offers copywriting, digital and print design, web development, multimedia and animation, and creative writing services that will surely fit your business needs.